Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty at the University of Delaware

Monique Head

Associate Professor and Associate Chair
360H DuPont Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
Phone: 302-831-6935
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PhD | 2007 | Civil (Structural) Engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology
MS | 2002 | Civil Engineering, University of Delaware
BS | 2000 | Civil Engineering, University of Delaware


Bridge and earthquake engineering; structural dynamics; large-scale experimental testing; analytical modeling and simulation; finite element analysis; performance-based design of concrete structures; and structural applications of composite materials


  • Bridges for the Future
  • Disasters
  • Infrastructure
  • Structural
  • Sustainability


 *= denotes grad/student co-author; **= postdoctoral researcher

  • *Zebarjad, L., Yahyai, M., Head, M., and Shokouhian, M. (2020). “Toward Optimizing Dynamic Characteristics of non-conventional TMDs in multi degree of freedom systems,” Iranian Journal of Science and Technology Transactions of Civil Engineering, doi:10.1007/s40996-019-00338-z.
  • Yahyai, M., *Zebarjad, L., Head, M., and Shokouhian, M. (2019). “Optimum Parameters for Large Mass Ratio TMDs Using Frequency Response Function,” Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 24(1): 1-20.
  • *Chinaka, E., Shokouhian, M., Head, M., and Efe, S. (2019). “An Experimental Investigation of Bond Strength of AFRP Bars with Self-Consolidating Concrete,” Civil Engineering Design, 1(5-6): 148-160.
  • **Shokouhian, M., Head, M., Seo, J., *Schaffer, W., and *Adams, G. (2019). “Hydrodynamic Response of a Semi-submersible Platform to Support a Wind Turbine,” Elsevier, Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology, 1-16.
  • Seo, J., *Schaffer, W., Head, M., **Shokouhian, M., and Choi, E. (2018). “Integrated FEM and CFD Simulation for Offshore Wind Turbine Structural Response,” International Journal of Steel Structures, 1-13.
  • *Efe, S., **Shokouhian, M., Head, M., and *Chinaka, E. (2017). “Numerical Study on the Cyclic Response of AFRP Reinforced Column with Externally Unbonded Energy Dissipaters,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 14(2), 2018: 218-231.
  • **Shokouhian, M., Shi, Y., Head, M. (2016). “Interactive Buckling Failure Modes of Hybrid Steel Flexural Members,” Elsevier, Engineering Structures, 125:153-166,
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