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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) offers master’s and Ph.D. programs in Civil Engineering across six specialized fields, along with interdisciplinary degrees and a graduate certificate. Our graduate program is centered around collaborative research that tackles the intricate challenges confronting humanity. Throughout your graduate journey, you will collaborate with esteemed faculty members, engage in pioneering research, and contribute to the education of future engineers.

UD CEE provides a strong, supportive, and enriching environment for our graduate students. By choosing UD CEE, you become part of a diverse learning community and contribute to a longstanding tradition of excellence. Our primary focus is on ensuring student success. Through your graduate studies, you will have the opportunity to drive impactful change across a wide range of societal areas.

Prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to reach out to graduate coordinators and faculty members in their areas of interest. This will allow you to gain deeper insights into research domains, funding possibilities, and additional program particulars.

grad student on coastal engineering project

Coastal Engineering

coastal engineering, wave mechanics, and environmental fluid mechanics

grad student on coastal engineering project

Environmental Engineering

water and wastewater treatment, environmental chemistry and remediation, and solid and hazardous waste management

grad student on coastal engineering project

Geotechnical Engineering

computational geomechanics, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, earth structures engineering, and ground improvement

grad student on coastal engineering project

Structural Engineering

structural mechanics, analysis, and design; bridge engineering; structural dynamics; computational mechanics; and structural engineering materials

grad student on coastal engineering project

Transportation Engineering and Civil Infrastructure Systems

asset management, natural disaster risk analysis, infrastructure vulnerability, urban transportation, traffic engineering, systems engineering

grad student on coastal engineering project

Water Resources Engineering

groundwater and surface water resources, contaminant fate and transport, sustainability

Interdisciplinary Programs

Certificate Programs

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