Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers ABET-accredited programs in both Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. We also offer a major in Construction Engineering and Management, which is structured to meet ABET accreditation requirements. ABET accreditation will be pursued after the first graduating class, as per the ABET accreditation process. Students who complete our curricula described here will be well-qualified to pursue graduate education or to enter the fields of civil/environmental engineering or construction engineering and management.

Did you know that our civil engineering program is more than 125 years old?

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As the world changes, our department continues to respond to the evolving needs of industry and society. We prepare our graduates for careers as project engineers, project managers, estimators, and other related positions.

Our graduates land careers as project engineers, project managers, estimators, and other related positions.

Spotlight: A well for Mphero

The UD chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-UD) traveled to the village of Mphero in Malawi in 2016 to complete a project to help residents access safe drinking water. Working with a local engineering firm and local community organization, the student group installed Mphero’s first successful borehole well with a depth of more than 37 meters. First, members of EWB-UD spent the 2015-16 academic year deciding what technology would provide the best solution for Mphero’s needs, and determined that drilling a borehole would provide the most water for the community for the longest amount of time. On site, the team first drilled two test wells, and the one with the most promising geology and pump test results was chosen for completion. Before completing the well and installing an AfriDev hand pump, the students took groundwater samples to ensure that the water was safe for consumption. In 2017, another EWB-UD team returned to complete repairs and to monitor and evaluate the success of the project. UD’s Engineers Without Borders chapter also maintains an active project in the Philippines. For more details on their projects, visit the EWB-UD website.


The mission of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware is to provide a culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating environment for the discovery and application of knowledge in civil and environmental engineering, the education of our students to their fullest potential, and service to the public through outreach and professional activities.


Our undergraduate programs will produce graduates that, within a few years of graduation, will

  • use problem solving skills and engineering and sustainability principles to address the evolving needs of society;
  • advance their civil/environmental/construction engineering and other careers through lifelong learning, graduate studies, and/or professional licensure;
  • demonstrate effective communication skills, ethical decision making, and a commitment to their profession and society