Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers ABET-accredited programs in both Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. We also offer a Construction Engineering and Management major, structured to meet ABET accreditation requirements. The program is currently under review by ABET EAC and ANSAC for its initial accreditation and has been visited in the 2022-23 cycle. Students who complete our curricula described here will be well-qualified to pursue graduate education or to enter the fields of civil/environmental engineering or construction engineering and management.

Did you know that our civil engineering program is more than 125 years old?

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Engineers Without Borders

Spotlight: Global Partnerships Persist through a Pandemic

The UD chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-UD), established in 2013, has completed projects with communities in Cameroon and Guatemala. The chapter also has long-standing partnerships with communities in Malawi and in the Philippines. Despite a global pandemic that prevented travel, EWB-UD students continued to find ways to help deliver community-based solutions. Resourcefulness and creativity were the key to continuing work to meet water needs in partner communities in Malawi. In the summer of 2021, students worked with our partner non-governmental organization (NGO) and a local driller to develop a workplan to inspect and rehabilitate 12 wells in the villages of Liti and Nkagula. The inspections, repairs, and community training sessions were completed in the fall of 2021. Employing a suite of communication tools, EWB-UD students, the NGO, and the driller were able to stay in touch to complete the project to ensure adequate water quality and quantity in the two villages. Students on this project team developed skills in project management, financial management, and communication, as well as experienced the flexibility and problem-solving necessary to complete community-based global engineering projects.

In addition to working with communities in Malawi, EWB-UD is concluding a project in the Philippines, building a bridge in Bolivia, researching technologies for low-resource settings, and making a difference locally through ReachOut activities. For more details on all of the chapter’s projects, visit the EWB-UD website at https://sites.udel.edu/ewb-ud/.

Community-based training led by Villages in Partnership

Community-based training led by Villages in Partnership.

Members of the Kibbutz team performing down-the-hole camera surveys

Members of the Kibbutz team performing down-the-hole camera surveys


The mission of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware is to provide a culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating environment for the discovery and application of knowledge in civil and environmental engineering, the education of our students to their fullest potential, and service to the public through outreach and professional activities.


Our undergraduate programs will produce graduates that, within a few years of graduation, will

  • address the evolving needs of a global society by applying knowledge of engineering and sustainability principles;
  • advance their careers through lifelong learning, graduate studies, and/or professional licensure;
  • demonstrate effective communication skills, social responsibility, ethical decision-making, and a commitment to their profession.