Dual Master’s in CE and MBA Program

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The dual MCE/MBA program (63 credits) will provide students with the necessary skills to broaden their engineering knowledge while gaining a detailed understanding of the business environment.  Although it does not preclude the possibility of engineering research (when the student chooses to pursue the engineering master’s degree with thesis), the dual degree can be achieved with a non-thesis master’s degree in engineering. The MCE/MBA program is a joint degree program. As such, both programs must be completed and the dual degree is conferred, simultaneously recognizing completion of both graduate programs. Look at our concentrations page here.

Master of Civil Engineering/Master of Business Administration (MCE/MBA)

The Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) degree is awarded only to individuals who, upon admission, have an undergraduate degree in engineering, preferably in civil or environmental engineering. The student pursuing the MCE degree may choose a traditional thesis program or a non-thesis option. The courses for the non-thesis option correspond to the course requirements for the traditional thesis master’s degree program. The core requirements for both master’s degrees are the same. Look at our concentrations page here.

Master’s Degrees – Thesis Option

The master’s program with thesis requires 30 credit hours including 24 graduate course credits and 6 credits for the master’s thesis. The Department Graduate Committee must approve each student’s program.

The 24-credit course program of each student must include the following:

  • At least one course each in mathematics and in engineering sciences.
  • At least 9 credits of courses in the chosen concentration (see the concentration list for details on  core courses and suggested electives).

The student should consult his/her advisor in selecting courses to fit fulfill these requirements. Petitions for required course substitutions may be made via the advisor to the Department Graduate Committee.


All thesis graduate students are required to attend departmental or college seminars (CIEG 865, 0 credits) each semester in their fields of study. Students are expected to make presentations at these seminars.

Master’s Degrees – Non-Thesis Option

The objective of the non-thesis master’s program is to provide an opportunity for students, who do not have the need to develop research skills, to obtain a master’s degree with a quality and depth of study comparable to the master’s degree with thesis. Through coursework (30 credits), students develop their engineering skills and obtain a state-of-the-art background within the chosen area of study. Students electing the non-thesis option are not eligible for financial support from the University.

Degree Requirements (MCE/MBA Dual Degree)

The MCE/MBA program combines the courses required by the chosen Civil Engineering program (30 cr.) with the core and required courses of the MBA program (33 cr.) for a total of 63 credits. (View in Catalog)

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