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Monique Head

Monique Head

Associate Professor
360H DuPont Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
Phone: 302-831-6935
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PhD | 2007 | Civil (Structural) Engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology
MS | 2002 | Civil Engineering, University of Delaware
BS | 2000 | Civil Engineering, University of Delaware


Bridge and earthquake engineering; structural dynamics; large-scale experimental testing; analytical modeling and simulation; finite element analysis; performance-based design of concrete structures; and structural applications of composite materials


  • Bridges for the Future
  • Disasters
  • Infrastructure
  • Structural
  • Sustainability


Book Chapter

Head, M. and *Pirayeh Gar, S. (2012). Part II: Metaheuristic Applications in Bridge Infrastructure Maintenance Scheduling Consideration. Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical, and Transportation Engineering, in collaboration with Dr. Manoj Jha, Morgan State University.

Selected Publications *= denotes grad/student co-author; **= postdoctoral researcher

  1. *Efe, Steve, **Shokouhian, M., Head, M., and *Chinaka, E. (2017). “Numerical Study on the Cyclic Response of AFRP Reinforced Column with Externally Unbonded Energy Dissipaters,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 14(2), 2018: 218-231.
  2. *Chinaka, E., Head, M., **Shokouhian, M., *McLennan, W. and *Efe, S. (2017). “An experimental investigation of bond strength of AFRP bars with self-consolidating concrete,” Construction and Building Materials (submitted; under review).
  3. **Shokouhian, M., Shi, Y., Head, M. (2016). “Interactive Buckling Failure Modes of Hybrid Steel Flexural Members,” Elsevier, Engineering Structures, 125:153-166,
  4. *Pirayeh Gar, S., Mander, J., Head, M., and Hurlebaus, S. (2014). “FRP Slab Capacity Using Yield Line Theory,” J. Compos. Constr., 18(6).
  5. *Pirayeh Gar, S., Head, M., Hurlebaus, S., and Mander, J. (2014). “Experimental Performance of AFRP Concrete Bridge Deck Slab with Full-Depth Precast Prestressed Panels,” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 19(4),
  6. *Pirayeh Gar, S., Head, M., and Hurlebaus, S. (2013). “Computational Modeling of the Flexural Performance of an AFRP Prestressed Girder with a Composite Bridge Deck,” ACI Structural Journal, 110(6),
  7. *Pirayeh Gar, S., Head, M., Hurlebaus, S., and Mander, J. (2013). “Comparative Experimental Performance of Bridge Deck Slabs,” ASCE Journal of Composites for Construction, 17(6),
  8. *Bisadi, V., Gardoni, P., and Head, M. (2013). “Decision Analysis for Elevating Bridge Decks with Steel Pedestals,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 10(8), 1059-1067,
  9. *Bisadi, V., Gardoni, P., and Head, M. (2013). “Probabilistic Demand Models and Fragility Estimates for Bridges Elevated with Steel Pedestals,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 139(9): 1515-1528, September 2013,
  10. *Pirayeh Gar, S., Head, M., and Hurlebaus, S. (2012). “Tension Stiffening in Prestressed Concrete Beams Using Moment-Curvature Relationship,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering (Technical Note), 138(8): 1075-1078, August 2012,
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